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  • Make sure you’re tracking ovulation and timing sex correctly
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  • Decrease risk of future pregnancy complications
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Verified purchase
Pregnant in my 40s.
I got pregnant during my second ovulation cycle! I feel like the doveras program really helped me feel like i had more control over my fertility and ability to get pregnant than i thought. I thought my age was going to make it hard but it empowered me to take steps to support my fertility and get pregnant naturally.
Vancouver, WA | May 2024
Verified purchase
Finally got trusted answers.
I’ve done 2 egg retrieval rounds and egg quality was an issue. Doveras somehow figured out my inflammation was high from their digital baseline assessment, which my doctor later confirmed with bloodwork. I didn’t know inflammation can impact egg quality! Doveras helped me with a diet plan and other lifestyle changes to tackle this and improve my egg quality before my 3rd retrieval. It’s coming up soon and feeling really confident. This is hands down the best fertility resource I’ve seen.
St. Louis, MO | May 2024
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Here are notes that some of the 300+ medical providers wrote to their own patients about our product. Providers do not get paid to share our product, and these notes do not constitute general medical advice.
Physician from Tallahassee, FL
Verified provider
35+ years in practice
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
This program ensures that you're in the best possible health before conception, which can reduce pregnancy complications
What many of my patients over the years have misunderstood about pregnancy is that a healthy pregnancy isn't just about reproductive health; it's about your overall health. Doveras is comprehensive, that’s why I like this for you all. It helps you make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle, manage stress, how to collaborate with your partner, etc., setting the stage for a successful pregnancy journey. This program ensures that you're in the best possible health before conception, which can reduce pregnancy complications, and lead to a healthier baby.
Physician from Austin, TX
Verified provider
30+ years in practice
Private clinic
I like this program for you all because it’s personalized...
I like this program for you all because it’s personalized, and each of your journeys will be different if you choose to have a family. For instance, if you have underlying medical conditions or are of advanced maternal age, Doveras will provide targeted advice to address potential challenges and risks. This tailored approach ensures that you're taking the most relevant steps to optimize your fertility and health, ultimately increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.