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How To Pick A Prenatal For Fertility Based On Good Science (Not Just Good Marketing)

The ultimate guide for what to look for in a prenatal to support fertility: key ingredients, daily amounts, and marketing myths to avoid.

With so many prenatal brands out there, selecting one you can feel confident about is hard. They all say they're science-backed, but how do I know if it's good science? They all say they help get people pregnant, but how do I know if it will help me?

Rather than trusting influencers or just taking what your friend took, we recommend taking a science-led approach to taking a prenatal right for you.

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Here are a few tips that can help simplify the decision-making process. 

1. Start Taking A Prenatal 3-6 Months Before You Start Trying For A Baby

⁠Prenatals are not just for pregnancy, they are for the pre-pregnancy window too. Why? Prenatal vitamins contain key nutrients like folic acid, which is particularly important for the early development of the baby's neural tube. Taking a prenatal vitamin before conception helps build nutrient reserves in the body and ensures that the necessary nutrients are readily available once pregnancy occurs.

So, a science-led approach to picking a prenatal starts with taking a prenatal vitamin 3-6 months before you start trying to conceive. Even if you're passively trying (or "not not trying" as we call it), it's a good idea to keep yourself covered and take a prenatal.

2. Know What Sneaky Tricks To Look For On A Prenatal Label

Our fertility nutritionist breaks down how to read a label and what to look out for when picking a prenatal. Check it out here.

3. Double Check The "Science" From Someone Who Is Trying To Sell You Something

Always verify with trusted third party sources that the science on a nutrient or supplement type is actually supported by good science — and not just based on animal studies, weak evidence, or research funded by a brand.

Our Fertility Lifestyle Science database can help. We've boiled down 100,000 clinical studies to help you figure out the state of science quickly on any topic. Start searching here.

Need Help Finding A Prenatal You Can Trust?
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As part of our programs, we'll help match you with a prenatal we've vetted on the market that contains the right amount of the things you need — based on science, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences (price, pill count, dietary restrictions, etc.).
4. $$$$ Doesn't Always Mean Better Quality

When it comes to prenatals, price doesn't always indicate superior quality. While some higher-priced options may offer additional ingredients or specialized formulations, it doesn't necessarily mean they are more effective or beneficial.

Many affordable prenatal vitamins available on the market meet the nutrient requirements supported by the science and are approved by healthcare professionals. The key lies in choosing a prenatal vitamin that contains the essential nutrients, regardless of the price tag.

So, there is no need to feel guilty about choosing a less expensive prenatal — as long as it's got the key nutrients you need.

5. Let Us Help You Find Your Prenatal Match Made In Science

We match all Doveras members with a prenatal vitamin brand we've vetted as "up to science snuff" and that meets their personal nutrient needs and preferences like price and pill count.

Plus, we don't take commission, so you can be sure you're getting what's actually right for you.

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