Exercise and Fertility: Is There A Fertility-Friendly Workout?

Can you exercise too much when trying to conceive? Too little? What workouts are best when TTC?

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Hormones, Fertility, and Exercise: What To Know

Reproductive health is a sign of overall health, and we all know too well now that our lifestyle, including environmental and dietary changes can improve endocrine health, fertility health and have long-term health benefits. 

On this episode of “Fit Body, Happy Joints”, Emory University Professor and Doveras Advisor Dr. Audrey Gaskins talks to Evlo Fitness about lifestyle, dietary, and exercise modifications to improve reproductive health. 

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Doveras developed the world’s largest database of fertility lifestyle science and research to help. Our egg and sperm health programs translate this science to you, helping you target what matters most to improve your unique fertility health.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about the science behind a pro-fertility lifestyle and fertility friendly workout here.

Spoiler Alert: Overly working out can have an impact on your fertility potential. But it's a fine line between supporting your mental health and impacting your hormones: trust your intuition.

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