Webinar | Doveras x Chief Collaborate To Bring Male Fertility Into The Conversation

Is "Spermageddon" real? How can the male partner show up better? From testing to lifestyle changes, where should I start when it comes to male fertility?

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It was a pleasure hosting the important conversation around fertility and family building, particularly through the lens of male fertility, with the Chief community.

Why was male fertility relevant for the largest women executive leaders network? Too often, women and people with ovaries bear the burden of the challenges related to a couple's fertility. But at least 40% of all fertility challenges come back to male factor issues, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Top Takeaways

⚕️ Male fertility health is a window into overall health — and a predictor of future health watch-outs. Focusing on pre-pregnancy and fertility health can support your longer term health (hello Dr. Peter Schlegel)

🌶️ Male fertility health impacts everyone — when men or people with sperm aren't brought into the conversation and tested early, it drives the couple into more invasive and costly treatment (hello Leslie Schrock)

🧬 You're more than just your sperm count — In addition to the traditional semen parameters, sperm epigenetics can tell us a lot about what's going on under the hood (hello Kristin Brogaard, PhD and Inherent Biosciences, Inc.)

Need Help Optimizing Sperm Health?
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Lifestyle changes can help. Doveras developed the world’s largest database of fertility lifestyle science and research to help. Our programs translate this science to you, helping you target what matters most to improve your unique fertility health.

🏥 There is a huge shortage of accessible male fertility care — 50% of infertility cases are caused by male-factor issues, but most people don't know where to turn for help (hello Pamela Pure and Posterity Health).

🏋️ Changing your lifestyle can improve your fertility potential — Lifestyle factors, from diet to toxin exposure to activity, have a huge impact on sperm health and function. (hello Nara Lee and Doveras).

We're deeply grateful to Chief member Abenaa (Abby) Hayes for hosting!

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