"30 FemTech Brands to Watch in 2023"

Doveras selected as a top brand driving change in women’s wellness.

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Doveras was honored to be selected by BoltPR as one of “30 FemTech Brands to Watch in 2023.” Read about the other incredible companies leading innovation in the female reproductive space, as well as the full feature here

“The global femtech market is on the rise, and our Bolt PR team is celebrating the brands and leaders who are defining the future of women’s health and wellness. Last year, we spotlighted 30 femtech brands that were leading the charge with revolutionary products and services. Since then, the global femtech market has grown from $32 billion in 2022 to $37 billion in 2023, at a compound annual growth rate of over 15%. And it’s not stopping there. The market is expected to reach a value of $103 billion by 2030. 

From products and apps to services and technology, we’re shining the spotlight on startup founders, company leaders, advocates, investors, journalists and many others who are breaking barriers, bringing attention to the once-taboo topic of women’s wellness and driving change through solutions that meet the unique needs of women head on. Our Bolt PR team is honored to feature 30 femtech brands to watch in 2023.

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Doveras developed the world’s largest database of fertility lifestyle science and research to help. Our egg and sperm health programs translate this science to you, helping you target what matters most to improve your unique fertility health.

Doveras founder and CEO, Nara Lee, is reimagining fertility health and pre-pregnancy care. This digital product merges research, science and behavior-change strategies for those actively trying to conceive or wanting to make changes to improve reproductive health. The Pre-Pregnancy Clean Up empowers individuals with the latest science to understand how nutrition and wellness choices enhance their fertility potential. Also, the science behind the product is impressive, with a Fertility Lifestyle Database encompassing over 100,000 clinical studies, so the deep research and work is done for you."

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