"Is Resveratrol In A Prenatal Safe When TTC?"

Q&A: "Is Resveratrol In A Prenatal Safe When TTC?"

Resveratrol is the latest controversial fertility supplement: should you take it or skip it?

The Quick Take

It's not necessary to take a supplement with resveratrol when TTC (or during pregnancy) because there really isn’t great data to support its effectiveness, or claims of "cellular support."

As always, check in with your doctor before you decide to take anyting new!

The Long Answer

Resveratrol seems to be the hot new fertility supplement trend — we get this question a lot!

In case you haven't heard about it, resveratrol is a compound found in red wine, red grape skins, and other botanicals. The thought is that it can support "cellular health" and therefore might support egg health.

However, there is limited evidence, mostly on animals, that shows it may have the positive effects on fertility. Benefits hypothesized include improving ovarian function, protecting against age-related infertility, and enhancing the quality of oocytes in aged women. But the truth is the evidence is early and not all that compelling yet, and so there is no reason to add this supplement to your routine.

On the flip side, there has been some fear mongering online about this topic because of a viral study that showed some negative impacts on fetal growth. But no alarm is needed: this study was done in primates and the doses were provided intravenously (meaning that there could be different effects seen from an IV vs. oral dose). This study was also hypothesis-generating but by no means conclusive to show evidence of harm. Plus, in human trials, doses of up to 5000 mg daily have been provided with minimal side effects (some GI upset and nausea), which helps to put the ~60 mg dose typically in prenatals into perspective.

However, because the compound can cross the placental barrier, we recommend being cautious about taking this ingredient during pregnancy, but there is no need to discontinue while TTC. That said, you shouldn't be concerned about potentially consuming a supplement with 60 mg resveratrol in early pregnancy.

This is another great example of a supplement that you should talk to your doc before taking.

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